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Sensor Application

Sensors are widely used in various applications such as: Color Mark and Registration Detection, Clear or Reflective Object Detection, Counting, Detection, Quality Inspection, Labelling, Level Monitoring, Loop Control, Measurement, Metal Stamping, Temperature Monitoring, Web Monitoring, Wireless.

Thread Hole Detection

To verify, from a distance, that bolt threads have been cut into holes in a manifold

Small Part Detection

To detect extremely small parts as they fall through a web of sensing beams

Robotic Position Monitoring

To provide proximity information to an assembly robot control

Registration Mark Detection on a Clear Web

To detect of a printed mark on a continuous web of clear or translucent material for accurate control of downstream cutoff

Hot Part Detection in Food Preparation

Temperature regulation is an important aspect of many processes within the factory--especially in food manufacturing facilities. In this case, it's imperative for the waffle iron to be hot before the batter is poured into it or the result will be an inconsistently prepared product.

Detecting Bottle Caps of Various Colors

Determining whether or not a bottle has a cap requires additional sensing controls when the production line runs products with various colored caps than when sensing like-colored caps. The sensing solution must be able to detect many colors at a specified distance, while ignoring the product inside the bottle.

Counting Reflective Rings

Reflective surfaces are one of the more challenging types of objects to sense with a traditional photoelectric sensor. Cylindrical reflective objects are especially difficult to sense due to the light reflecting differently on the various parts of the curved surface of the object.

Counting Clear Bottles

To reliably count clear objects moving on a high-speed conveyor line

Ink Level Detection in a Printer

Accurate ink level monitoring in printers in imperative to maintain optimal quality. If ink runs out and the printer keeps running, the end product will need to be thrown out. This increases costs not only due to the wasted raw materials, but also because of the cost of recycling or disposing of the paper.

Color Mark Detection

To position all bottles in the same orientation for label application.

Color sorting

To sort various product by color.

Broken Bottle Detection

To check for broken bottles on a conveyor

Liquid Level Monitoring

In applications where the liquid level must be monitored, a long range sensor is needed to ensure it can reach and sense the full depth of the tank for accurate monitoring. By sending a continuous signal that represents the current depth, the tank levels can be controlled with a pump in-pump out logic.

Polybag Seal Detection

Plastic bags are manufactured in a continuous web, with a seal and perforation between bags. Since the plastic is clear, it can be very difficult for traditional sensors to detect the perforations between the plastic bags in order to determine when to separate them

Integrated Circuit Board Registration Detection

To detect the presence of a registration hole on a printed circuit board

Tube Positioning Using a Registration Mark

With highly automated processes in pharmaceutical industries, improper packaging can lead to disposal of thousands of products or down time. To avoid incorrect packaging or down time, a highly accurate sensor is needed to detect the position of a tube of cream or paste, in order to ensure tubes are oriented correctly before being sealed.

Board Thickness Measurement

To measure thickness at three points across the width of a sheet of plywood

Liquid Detection in Clear Tube

To detect liquid in a transparent tube, without touching the liquid All Rights Reserved