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Machine Vision system

Machine vision is the technology and methods used to provide imaging-based automatic inspection and analysis for such applications as automatic inspection, process control, and robot guidance in industry

Label alignment Inspection

In salad dressing bottling operations, each salad dressing container is filled at a bottling station, and a label is affixed to each container. To ensure quality and protect the brand name, it is important that the label alignment be consistent from one bottle to the next.

Date/lot code Inspection

To verify that a date and lot code is correctly printed on film packages

Automotive Switch Assembly Inspection

To verify that a toggle mechanism is correctly assembled and oriented before it is added to a steering wheel

Code Inspection on Clear Bottles

To verify the presence of a date/lot code imprinted on a clear bottle filled with a clear beverage

Rivet Inspection in an Automotive Horn

To verify that rivets are present and correctly placed in an automotive steering wheel component

Vial Fill Level and Cap Seal Inspection

To rapidly verify that vials are filled to the correct level and that the vial caps are correctly aligned

2D Stamped Industrial Bar Code Verification

To track manufacturing lots for quality assurance, using a bar code reader

Stamped Metal pin inspection

To check for correct count, straightness and pitch of connector pins on a stamped metal subassembly

Barcode reading

To read 1D and 2D bar codes printed on labels affixed to medicine bottles

Bottle Label Detection

To verify the presence of labels on a bottle

Blister Pack Inspection

To determine whether all blisters in a pack have been filled with unbroken tablets and are free of foreign matter

Part Sorting

To recognize and sort ten different patterns in the same inspection All Rights Reserved