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We offer complete line of component displays that will fit your design. Applications include counting, timing, positioning, machine speed, rate and voltage indication. The modules feature reflective and backlight displays, panel and PC boards mounting, low power consumption, attractive pricing and much more.

Large Displays

We offer a variety of large displays, including both dot matrix devices, and 7-segment models based upon our popular range of panels meters. With models available in sizes up to 4"

Large Graphic Displays
  • We offer wide range of display
  • Tri-color Display Provides Instant Notice of Important Information
  • Graphical Design Allows Bargraphs, Custom Symbols and Graphics
  • Four Sizes for a Wide Range of Applications

    resolution: 80 x 16dimensions: 26" x 6.6"

    resolution: 120 x 24dimensions: 38.5" x 8.8"

    resolution: 120 x 32dimensions: 38.8" x 10.9"

    resolution: 120 x 64dimensions: 39.3" x 22.5"

  • RS-485 Port Supports Multidrop
  • AC Powered (110 or 220 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz) All Rights Reserved