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Machine vision system

Machine vision systems have become vital in the manufacturing industry. But many people wonder, “What is a Machine Vision System?”

Increased quality control demands of consumers, manufacturers, and government regulations make the need for machine vision technology imperative.

Machine Vision Systems leverages technology and experience to provide automated image-based (camera) inspection and analysis for applications such as gauging, reading text, process control, and robot guidance.

Machine vision is also known as “industrial vision” or “vision systems.” The machine vision system can consist of a number of cameras, sometimes mounted over assembly lines to inspect products, capture data, read labels, direct product, and more, all without human intervention.

There are four basic machine vision applications: inspection, gauging, guidance, and identification.

Epsilon Controls & Automation is a machine vision company. Our team is highly skilled in providing manufacturers with the machine vision applications needed to acquire the most accurate data, increase production lines, increase profit margins, and reduce waste on assembly lines.

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