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Laser Scanners

Safety Laser Scanners provide a solution for safeguarding mobile vehicles and stationary applications, such as the interior of robotic work cells that cannot be solved by other safeguarding solutions

Laser Range Finder (Distance measurement type Laser obstacle detector)
  • Ultra compact & lightweight with low power usage
  • These devices provide detailed real time information on surroundings
  • Output continuous time stamped digital mapping coordinates
  • 3D mapping can be achieved with gyroscopic mount
  • Scan window 240°- 270°
  • Range 20mm to 30m
  • Typical Applications
  • Mobile robots,AGV / OHT,Driverless vehicle, Mapping, etc.
Obstacle Detection Sensor(Distance Data Output Type)
  • Alert equipment to object / obstacle presence
  • Configurable zones are pre-loaded into the device using a PC.
  • Once programmed the device can be used on a standalone basis
  • Object presence in any zone will trigger an output signal.
  • These devices are ultra compact and have low power usage
  • Scan Window 180°
  • Range 20mm to 30m
  • Typical Applications
  • AGV / OHT, Driverless vehicle, Security applications,etc. All Rights Reserved